Advanced Request Configuration

Whenever you make a petition, the SDK makes HTTP requests with default headers in the background. These headers are useful in almost every scenario, however, you may also want to send custom headers as a part of your request. To do this, Carbon offers personalized requests. You can view a full list of Carbon’s methods and how to use personalized requests in the API Reference.

Right now, the SPARQLER method execute() does not support personalized requests. We intend to extend the builder to cover this feature in a subsequent release.


You may have to send the authorization header because of how your architecture is setup, to do this, you just have to pass a custom object to the method you’re using, in this case, the $getMembers() method.

// Set custom headers using the Header Class.
    let customHeaders:Map<string, Header> = new Map();
    customHeaders.set("Authorization", new Header(TOKEN))

    // Options Object
    let customOptions:GETOptions = {
        ensureLatest: true, // Ignore cache and make request
        timeout: 3000, // Time in milliseconds 
        headers: customHeaders // Custom Headers

    let queryResults = await this.carbon.documents.$getMembers("authors/", customOptions,  _ => _
        .properties({contactInfo: {
            query: _ => _