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About Carbon LDP

Carbon LDP is a Linked Data application server providing read/write access to RDF graph data over RESTful HTTP. It provides a host of features for developing business applications with Linked Data and for simplifying access to the enterprise knowledge graph. As such, it can act as the key system upon which an organization can build in order to capitalize on the benefits of Linked Data. It consolidates the Linked Data ecosystem within an enterprise into one common access point, or server, and exposes the knowledge graph as easily accessible Web resources through a dynamic, but consistent Web API.

Carbon makes it easier and faster for every-day web developers to build apps that process and manage data rather than just content.

History, Development, Team

Carbon LDP was born out of a desire to skip some of the boring steps of a development. One of Base22's original founders was building an app one day and going through the tedious steps required whenever one builds an app. He came up with the idea then for a platform that could automatically complete some of these development steps. From that moment, Carbon LDP was born.

Conceptualized initially to act as this foundation, the team quickly realized Carbon LDP was capable of much more. Through the evolution they began to view it as a true Linked Data Platform that could further harness the power of Linked Open Data. Carbon LDP is an exciting product with the power to bring powerful creation, integration, and change to any project.

Carbon is owned and developed by Base22, a family of engineers, architects, designers and artists who focus on Enterprise Web Evolution to help big global companies tackle big global challenges.

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