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The advantages of Resource Description Framework - RDF

When reading about Linked Data and the Semantic Web you might not realize that one of the main objectives these standards aim for is improving the value of data. A way of achieving this is making data readable to computers. Now, how is this accomplished within the world of Linked Data?

Expediting your web development with Carbon LDP

With web development, developers face a lot of difficulties when they have to provide a full-stack solution to a client. Reducing these complexities should be a top line priority for everyone involved. Let’s look at one way to simplify development.

A great backend for your next Angular app

What makes Carbon LDP a good fit for Angular applications?

Let’s start with the initial pain you always face when building a new data-centric web app - the plumbing. You’ve got a lot of gritty work to do before you can have some real fun with the sexy front-end.

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