Why Carbon LDP

Carbon LDP can drastically decrease project development timelines by eliminated time intensive database steps.

Carbon LDP has the power to unify data across many different databases.

With Carbon LDP, your data is linked faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Carbon LDP Features


Access and manage applications and data by URIs using RESTful requests over HTTP (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE). Work with documents in Turtle, RDF XML, or JSON-LD. Everything in Carbon LDP is RESTful.

JavaScript / TypeScript SDK

The JavaScript Software Development Kit, available from the npm package manager, allows you to manage RDF data using familiar JavaScript and TypeScript programming techniques and tools. Build for execution within a web browser or Node.js.

RDF Native, NoSQL Graph

Data is represented and managed as documents, but stored natively as RDF triples in a NoSQL graph database. Break the shackles of rigid data schemas; add new entities and attributes on the fly. Link data with existing resources within your apps and across the web.

Carbon is the platform we've always wanted, so we built it. We think you're going to love it too.

Try Carbon today!
How a Linked Data Platform Can Transform Your Organization

How a Linked Data Platform Can Transform Your Organization