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Here, you will find a number of ways to participate in our growing community, provide feedback, and get support.

We care about your opinion and we want to address your questions, needs, and issues as quickly as possible. Carbon LDP is incredible software, but with your help, we can make it better. We urge you to join our community, create new applications, and share your experience. We'll do our best to address all feedback in a timely manner.

Join our Mailing List

First, before anything else, please consider joining our community mailing list. You'll receive important news and announcements such as when new software updates become available. You'll also receive priority in the community support queue. What's more, registered users who provide valuable feedback (questions, suggestions, defects, and feature requests) are eligible for Valued Feedback Rewards, which we give generously. If you haven't already, why not join now?

Review Product Documentation

The official product documentation is always your first line of support. There, you'll find a Quick Start Guide with instructions on how to download and run Carbon LDP. You'll also find information on rapid application development with rich data. Here are some recommended places to start...

Documentation Home - Official home for the product documentation.

Quick Start Guide - Learn how to download, configure, and run Carbon LDP and the Workbench.

Getting Started with the JavaScript SDK - Learn how to use the JavaScript SDK to build rich applications with pure client-side code.

Getting Started with the REST API - Learn how to use the REST API, which provides a lower-level programming interface than the JavaScript SDK.

JavaScript SDK API Reference (on GitHub) - Learn the classes and methods available in the JavaScript SDK.

Get Support

Feedback, Questions, and Issues

We use GitHub to host our git repositories and to track project issues (e.g. bugs, features, questions, suggestions, tasks). To learn about the conventions we use and the workflow we follow for prioritizing and managing issues, please review GitHub Conventions and Workflow for Carbon LDP. Then, we invite you to participate using our General Issues page:

Carbon LDP Issues on GitHub

Remember, registered users who provide valuable feedback are eligible for Valued Feedback Rewards. It's our way of incentivizing proactive feedback and just one little way we like to say, "thanks" to our users. Aside from improving the product, posting feedback (e.g. a good question, a defect, or an intriguing feature request) can win you gift cards for popular shopping destinations. We distribute rewards to registered users based first on derived value to the product and community, and then by random selection.

Gitter Rooms

Gitter is an instant messaging and chat room system for developers and users of GitHub repositories. Carbon LDP staff and community users can often be found listening and lingering in the following rooms.

carbonldp - for general discussions related to using Carbon LDP (Platform, REST API, product documentation)

carbonldp-js-sdk - for discussions related specifically to using the Carbon LDP JavaScript SDK.

carbonldp-workbench - for discussions related specifically to using the Carbon LDP Workbench (GUI).

carbonldp-platform - for general discussions related specifically to the Carbon LDP Platform.

Premium Support and Consulting Services

We do our best to respond to all users in a timely manner, but we make no service-level support guarantees for Carbon LDP Standard. Carbon LDP Enterprise customers receive the levels specified in our Software License Agreement. For premium support, consulting services, or to obtain an Enterprise license key, please contact us by form or by email

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