ShareEven though the holiday season is over, we have a gift for you in a new minor release of the Carbon LDP™ suite: v5.1.0 (the Workbench is actually now at version 5.1.1 because we had to patch it just after the release). To update your instances of the Platform and Workbench, please review the Keeping up-to-date section of the Quick start guide. To update the JavaScript SDK using npm, run the command npm update carbonldp or with yarn, run yarn upgrade carbonldp.

These are the highlight of the new version:


  • Improved cache for SPARQL queries
  • Security and stability improvements

Workbench (v5.1.1)

  • You can now delete multiple documents from the Document Explorer at the same time. Simply hold SHIFT while selecting documents to select multiple docs.
  • Reduced the time it took the workbench to start
  • Reduced the size of the workbench

JavaScript SDK

  • Multiple documents can now be retrieved at the same time (even if they are not children/members of the same document). To learn more, read about the $getmethod (Notice the two get methods that have uris:string[] as the first method parameter; one allows you to query for the properties you want and the other retrieves the whole documents.)
  • Properties can now be marked as required when querying documents.
  • The SDK now ships with ES5/ES2015 modules. This means that if you are using the SDK in projects running the latest ES5/ES2015 features, you’ll use a version of the SDK that doesn’t require polyfills and takes advantage of the native performance of JavaScript standard implementations.
  • Reduced the size of the SDK
  • Bugfixes