Carbon LDP for Businesses

Semantic Web for your Future

Is your business prepared to handle the constant flow of technological changes taking place all around us? Do you find your organization often playing catch up due to how fast things evolve? Carbon LDP is designed with these questions in mind. We believe half the battle is being prepared for what’s coming.

Built with full considerations of the approaching semantic web – read more on that here, Carbon LDP is ready for the data future. Unique to Carbon LDP is the ability to connect every data source no matter it’s location, age of construction or restrictive structuring. If it’s your data, you should be able to access it.

To help prepare your firm for the future, Carbon LDP provides all the components you need:

  • The ability to catalogue data during capture for immediate value
  • Enhancing existing relational data by virtualizing semantic context from schemas
  • Enabling information ubiquity through self generated REST
  • Simplify the unification of disparate data sources and systems
  • Make data more flexible and easier to extend as new requirements arise

Next Steps

With a technological landscape that is constantly changing, how do you grow, how do you become more efficient, and how do you prepare for what’s next?

Does your business want to prepare for the future? Visit our About page to learn more about semantic data and specifics of Carbon LDP. Visit our Licensing and Pricing page to learn how to secure Carbon LDP for your Organization.

Learn how Carbon LDP works for other professionals

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For Developers

Fast, Efficient App Development

  • Skip time intensive setup with a complete back-end, out of the box.
  • Work with data as simple as building a web page.
  • Free and easy to start; ready for Enterprise when your company is.

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For IT Professionals

Start Small &Think Big

  • With Carbon LDP, unifying data sources is simple and inexpensive.
  • Data management as easy as content management.
  • Positioned to evolve with your business.