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Linked Data is the future of data integration in the enterprise and beyond - we built Carbon LDP to be the vehicle that gets you there.

The concept of Linked Data can and should exist behind the firewall and beyond. Linked Data is a concept that embraces all types of data (structured and unstructured) and allows that data to be connected and related. Linked Data is represented in a graph based model (networks) versus a more rigid table model. Because graphs are networks of information and can be readily connected, they are semantic – they have the ability to be self-describing and can convey statements about what the graph data mean. In short, as relationships grow, the Linked Data structure can infer relationships to extend the knowledge of the data and therefore create a "knowledge graph".

Our perspective on Linked Data and Carbon LDP focuses on Solving problems through 3 building blocks: Creation, Integration, and Change.


A development platform for creating data – centric web apps.

Learn more about Creation and Carbon.


A unified interface, a unified data model, and a view across all data.

Learn more about Integration and Carbon.


Dynamic to the ever-present force of change.

Learn more about Change and Carbon.


Problem #1: Creating Applications

Developing content sites and managing content is relatively easy, but developing data-centric web apps and managing data is hard; requiring more time, more resources, and highly specialized skills.

We want to make it easier for business stakeholders and “everyday” developers to create robust applications that process and manage data rather than just content.

Managing data should be more like managing content – easy.


Problem #2: Integrating Systems

Systems integration is one of the largest and most common pain points accounting for some of the highest costs in I.T.

We want to make it easier and cheaper to unify disparate data sources and to tie different systems together.

There should be a unified interface, a unified data model, and a singular and consolidated view across data silos.


Problem #3: Evolving Systems with the Business

Most systems are inherently inflexible – modeled in a silo to serve known requirements and difficult to modify, extend, or reuse.

We want to make data more flexible, easier to extend as new requirements arise, and easier to reuse across a variety of disparate systems.

Solutions (living systems) should respond dynamically to the ever-present force of change.

Create, Integrate and Evolve
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How a Linked Data Platform Can Transform Your Organization

To learn how Carbon and Linked Data are intertwined, download our whitepaper here. If you need help answering more questions please reach out to us so we can help.

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